Monthly Archives: August 2021

Max Bikes PR Ltd working with Cushion Aid!

We are delighted to be working with Cushion Aid who have created the Saddle Donut Pro…a product that attaches to your saddle to aid comfort and performance on long rides. Created by a rider competing in RAAM the Saddle Donut is designed to cushion the area where your Ischium or sit bones contact the saddle. […]

LoreOne Cycling Show launches for pre-order!

  Some great coverage so far for the LoreOne Cycling Shoe… LoreOne is launching the “world’s first 3D printed carbon hard-shelled” custom made cycling shoes made precisely for all sizes and shapes following an at-home foot scan as “no two feet are alike”. It’s been done before for helmets with Hexr, and now you can get personalised performance […]