Monthly Archives: February 2022 review the Cushion Aid Saddle Donut!

  The Cushion-Aid SaddleDonut is a novel attempt at solving the original ‘pain-in-the-arse’ problem that has plagued cyclists since the days of the penny-farthing and the bone-shaker – namely finding a comfortable position in the saddle for all day riding whilst still being able to generate power. If you have ever suffered from saddle sore on a […]

Introducing the Carbon Wasp Aero Bar Extensions!

Press Release: Carbon Wasp Launches New Adjustable Aero Extensions! [For Immediate release] Contact: Adrian Smith Tel: 0844 357 3871 Yorkshire, UK. Carbon Wasp Ltd has launched a new aero bar system to give riders the aerodynamic benefits and comfort of a customised aero bar but with the adjust-ability to refine their riding position. […]

Our 1st ride impressions of the Cushion Aid, Saddle Donut!

  Keith Jepson, Creative Director, chief rider and head honcho at Max Bikes PR, shares with us his 1st ride experiences using the Cushion Aid Saddle Donut. “I ride a great deal of miles on a variety of different bikes both for work and leisure. My riding ranges from commuting, to being a cycle courier, […]

Cushion Aid Saddle Donut tested by global cycling press!

  Over the last few weeks we have been busy arranging testing and reviews for the Cushion Aid Saddle Donut, with some excellent results! Here are the hi-lights… “This add-on to your saddle is designed to increase the contact area and cradle the ischium bones on the saddle to reduce micro-sliding, prevent saddle sores, and […]