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Who we are

For the last 17 years, my team and I at Max Bikes PR have been helping cycling and other sporting brands connect with a wider audience.  In this multi-platform world, creative solutions are vital for emerging and existing brands and at Max Bikes PR, we are in a unique position to help with sports PR and marketing activity that is essential for communication with your consumers and dealers alike.

Mountain Biking and road cycling has been my passion for 35 years, a passion that is reflected in my knowledge and enthusiasm for the sport.  Having worked in the cycling press for several years, we have comprehensive and well cemented relationships with manufacturers, importers/distributors and retailers and unrivaled access to the market.

Max Bikes PR has grown and developed over the years from a cycling specific one man band to a growing team of talented and creative cycling and sports enthusiasts with experience and contacts across a number of different sports.  Our clients are no longer restricted to the cycling market but include rugby and golf brands and events, amongst others and are based in both the UK and worldwide, from Vancouver to Taiwan.  With our own in-house graphic designers we can also incorporate the cost of design and video work into your PR campaign.

Work carried out by Max Bikes PR includes social and viral marketing, conventional testing, creative product placement, video and brand design work and event management.  Get in touch to find out how your brand could achieve greater exposure without breaking your marketing budget.

Keith Jepson

Founder, Max Bikes PR



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