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Carbon Wasp launches new adjustable aero bars

Carbon Wasp has launched a new aero bar system to give riders the aerodynamic benefits and comfort of a customised aero bar but with the adjustability to refine their riding position.

Carbon Wasp adjustable aero bars


“Whilst there are potentially significant gains to be made from a custom aero bar set up, the biggest disadvantage is the lack of adjustability available with existing products on the market – either to allow a rider to tweak their position over time, or if they change bikes from season to season,” says Carbon Wasp.

The Carbon Wasp standard aero bars are available in two versions: a non-UCI version offering greater comfort and aero advantages outside the restrictive UCI rules or a UCI compliant version that’s optimised to give the most aerodynamic position within the UCI rules.

The length is adjustable from 280mm to 375mm, while the angle from horizontal can be set from zero to 30 degrees, and the angle from the centreline is adjustable from parallel to the tips touching.

Developed and manufactured in Yorkshire, Carbon Wasp promises the lead time is short (approximately two weeks currently) enabling riders to fine tune their position before their season starts. The new aero bars are priced at £795 for the full system.

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