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Date. 22nd May 2020.

Cycling Safety App Busby, now available for free…with Busby Premium available free of charge to all key workers!

In these uncertain times, one positive to come out of the Covid -19 pandemic is that we are seeing more and more people cycling.

Whether cycling to work or getting daily exercise during lockdown, cycling is now a significant part of many people’s lives and with the Government supporting bicycle use / sustainable transport with a 2 billion pound package, bicycle use can only increase.

To encourage more riders on to the roads Busby has launched the next generation of their cycling safety App, giving riders confidence and peace of mind as they join the cycling revolution. Whether the rider is a core enthusiast, novice or someone dusting off their old bike and returning to cycling after many years, the App has features for everyone.

Launched in 2019 the simple incident detection app, which uses sensors in a mobile phone to automatically detect a crash or a fall, geolocate the user and alert their emergency contacts is available for free download on any IOS and Android Smartphones.  It is used by cyclists and considerate road users to predict, prevent, detect and analyse road accidents, and is now active in 24 countries, across six continents and saved 3 lives already!

James Duffy, Busby Co-Founder and Commercial Director explained: “Busby is made by the community for the community. We started developing the technology after our friend and co-founder Barry, was almost killed in a cycling accident involving a van several years ago. We set a goal to build a safety brand defined by something different.

The app was recently nominated as Best Cycling Safety App by Cycling Weekly:  “Busby is a free safety cycling app that offers features such as incident detection, incident prevention, by alerting other road users to your whereabouts, and easy to use near-miss reporting. If a user is involved in an incident, Busby gives them 30 seconds to move or respond. If there is no response, their location is sent to emergency contacts so help can arrive quickly”. NB. Busby does not collect or store the riders’ data.

Busby has worked closely with cyclists, commuters, parent groups and other road users to develop the App, which has features to both re-assure the rider and their family. With increased cycling traffic on the roads, it is inevitable that incidents will occur and while they are rare, the Busby Cycling Safety App offers both “back-up” and practical support should an accident happen.

As we ease out of lockdown, with businesses and schools re-opening more people are remembering and experiencing the simple joys of cycling for transport and leisure. Busby is aimed at being part of the cyclist’s support network in this fast paced modern world.

Kirk Ryan, Busby Co-Founder and Technical Director added: “I’ve been overwhelmed with the feedback and praise for Busby from within the cycling community. Our recent investment will allow us to get Busby out to even more cyclists than ever before and accelerate our ambitious plans for future developments that will also benefit the cycling community. We look forward to bringing Busby 2.0 out shortly!”

As we’re in the midst of COVID-19, the number of lone cyclists has increased, Busby are keen to highlight the benefits that using their app brings to de-risking cycling and helping users stay safe on the road.

As suchBusby will be offering Key Workers & NHS staff the ability to upgrade to Busby Premium for free, for the next six months. Busby premium offers more features such as greater partner discounts and the addition of more emergency contacts if they have an incident. To take advantage of this offer, Key Workers and NHS staff should email:

Recent feedback from a Busby user: “I was almost hit by a car and had to swerve to avoid being hit. I ended up down a steep embankment. I was unconscious for some time, bike completely snapped and a few broken bones. After nearly 15 minutes, my husband turned up and I couldn’t work out how, I thought I was imagining it from a bang on the head! Busby had informed him I’d been in accident and sent him my exact location, unbelievable! Every cyclist should download this app”

James Duffy, Busby Co-Founder and Commercial Director is excited about what lies ahead: While what we have created is fun and motivating to look at, we are even more excited about what lies ahead. With this investment, in the next six months, you will see innovative new features that will push the boundaries of cycling safety even further. We’re inviting cyclists to join us as we build Busby into a brand that genuinely means something to people, 2020 is just the beginning.”

Busby had early support from St. John Ambulance and K-Safe immediately partnered with technology leaders What3Words to allow an injured user’s location to be pinpointed faster and more accurately than ever before. If the injured user is still conscious, they will also see the St. Johns Ambulance safety checklist, to ensure they can stay safe while help is on the way.

Busby also rewards cyclists for being safe. Partners including LimarGiroMuc-OffCraghoppersQuadLockBlackmore and Hedkayse, all recognise the safety that Busby brings to users, and offer significant discounts off their own products and services for Busby users.

Shortly, Busby will be introducing RoadRadar, a road safety App for all road users.  The App warns vehicle drivers that there is a vulnerable road user nearby.

RoadRadar can be downloaded into the vehicle infotainment system or onto the drivers pod and they receive an audible bike bell noise if a Busby user is nearby. This can be audible or visual on the dashboard or on their pod/GPS system…Watch this space!

Where can I download the app?

Busby is available to download for free at: or or search for the app in your app store.

  1. Please note that Busby Premium is available free of charge to all key workers.

 A “safety for life” option is also available for the cost of £20 with a limited number of 500 spaces available.

For more information, contact the K-Safe team:

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