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We are delighted to be the project managers for such an amazing project!

Corebike is launching Corebike Online a digital gallery for promotional videos.

What is Corebikebike Online?

Corebikebike Online is a video platform where the exhibitors of the Corebike Show can promote their latest product videos.

Corebikebike Online follows the Corebike Show ethos by giving retailers and serious consumer’s access to leading products and the best brands.

Corebikebike Online is a “digital” representation of the Corebike Show and allows visitors to the site an opportunity to experience the latest products, new product releases, range overviews and product launches.

At this time, while it is difficult to organise physical events, Corebike Online is an amazing new resource for brands to utilise and for dealers to use.

  1. Please note at this time that the Corebike Online website will also be available to the consumer. Making Corebike Online the 1stof Corebike Show’s services to be open to both the trade and public.

Launching on the 19th of March!

Here is a link to the preview site to give you a flavour of how the site will work and look…

The site will display 16 videos on the home page, based on date descending order, with the newest video in the top left hand position.

Filter options will be available, so you can filter for genre, BRAND or supplier. Exhibitors tag their videos on supply from a menu selection which is then used by the visitor in the filter options. The Tag options will be given to any exhibitors taking part along with content supply guidelines, when they agree to support the site.

  1. Please note that videos are not served / watched through this site. The video is watched / viewed on the brand’s website, You Tube or Vimeo etc.

Corebike Online is a gallery or shop window- a central resource through which a visitor can find and access videos.

Promotion of the site!

Corebike Online will be promoted through all the Corebike Channels…Social Media, Third Party Cycling Press, Trade Press, directly to the DB of Corebike registered visitors through email, through the Corebike Website and by the Exhibitors own networks.

The site will be linked to and work closely with


…In order to maximise exposure for the video content and to work in synergy with the physical event.

Content Supply and Guidelines.

Content to be supplied as per the specifications, with content managed by Keith Jepson at Max Bikes PR on behalf of Corebike Show.

Template and Supply Guidelines will be given when an exhibitor agrees to support the website.

Only brands exhibiting at the show are allowed to supply content.

Videos must be of a publishable standard and appropriate for our target audience. All content will be vetted by Keith Jepson, on behalf of Corebike Show and edited if necessary, while in communication with the supplier.

Once an exhibitor has agreed to supply videos they will be provided with technical guidelines and a spread sheet for video tagging choices and text uploading.

If you would like to support the website and supply video content then please drop me a line and I can talk you through this further.

Kind regards

Keith Jepson

Max Bikes PR ltd




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