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Saddle-bag or wedge-pack, VEL’s waterproof version is a neat and tidy take on a popular bit of gear. Workmanship is good and capacity is decent for a day ride. Generally a likeable addition to anyone’s outfit, with, in my opinion, one niggle.

Pros: genuinely waterproof.

Cons: no light loop.


A genuinely waterproof wedge-pack for most saddles, the VEL Waterproof Saddle Bag will keep your day-ride spares and tools safe and dry. I’d have hoped for a light loop, though anything stitched on makes waterproofing more of an issue. In that sense it is likely to be of most interest to those who road ride in daylight, hit the gravel and off-road, or have other places, in the best possible taste, to stick a red light.

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