ALL ENQUIRIES 07531 627 433… We are delighted to be supporting Deliv2..a new cycle delivery business using ebikes and cargo bikes. We have been giving them technical support & wish them luck with this exciting new venture! #cycling #cyclinglife #ebikes #cyclecourier

We will be operating the Shrewsbury division of Deliv2, working in partnership to offer e-bike deliveries in the area. If you are a local business looking for an efficient, green and professional delivery partner in Shrewsbury, then drop us a line or get in touch through the website @

Launching on the 23rd of November, we will be working with local businesses to delivery goods in these strange times. As more independent businesses look for new ways to engage with customers and the on-line shopping experience continues to grow, the delivery of items has never been more important…and e-bikes are the perfect solution.

#ebikes #cycling #cyclinglife #shrewsbury #cyclecourier



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